Family Law

At DG Barristers, our knowledgeable and compassionate lawyers work with our clients to resolve their matrimonial and family law matters. We are sensitive to each of our client’s unique situations and needs, and strive to provide them with sound legal advice, comprehensive negotiation skills, and our vast trial experience. Our hands-on approach and firm resolve will ensure that our clients will achieve the results that they need.

DG Barristers have litigated and negotiated a broad range of family-law matters, including:

  • Separations

  • Divorces

  • Child custody 

  • Protection Orders

  • Child Visitation and Relocation Disputes

  • Spousal and Child Support

  • Prenuptial, Marriage and Separation agreements

  • Post-judgment Order Enforcement & Modifications

  • Mediation

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DG Barristers will work with you to review all the achievable options, and wherever possible to reach a fair settlement without going to court. In situations where an amicable resolution cannot be found, DG Barristers have experience in conducting family trials, hearings, and appeals at the Provincial, Supreme and British Columbia Appeal Court levels.