Employment Law


Wrongful termination, constructive dismissal, workplace discrimination, and human rights complaints at work can be extremely stressful.  If you have been fired, let go, downsized, laid off, or terminated without cause, a number of legal disputes might come into play.  The main question is whether or not the termination of your employment was legal and justified.  


Even if your employment comes to an end legally, you may still be entitled to significantly more compensation than what your employer is offering you.  Severance packages should be thoroughly reviewed before you sign on the dotted line so that you can consider the various income tax implications that may arise and be sure that it includes enough salary continuance or large enough lump sum payment to carry you through as well as continuation of reasonable and necessary extended health insurance coverage and other benefits. 


Frequently employee-employer disputes can be resolved quickly through straight forward negotiations between us and your employer.  


In more complex situations it may be necessary for us to proceed through a formal mediation or arbitration process.  


Occasionally an application to the Supreme Court may be necessary to resolve the matter to your benefit.


Regardless of the method we employ to resolve your workplace dispute you can rest assured that our qualified lawyers will put your best interests first.  


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