Canadian Immigration

Business immigration

If you are considering moving your business or starting a new business in Canada, it is wise to seek the advice and guidance of an experienced lawyer. We can advise you on the rules, regulations and timelines you are facing in immigrating to Canada. Our clients rely on our knowledge of the law and attention to detail.  In order to support the growing Canadian economy, the government encourages experienced business people to immigrate to Canada.


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Family Sponsorship

Many individuals immigrate to Canada each year. Once here, they desire to be reunited with their families. This can be accomplished through family sponsorship.


There are two types of family sponsorship:

  • Sponsoring your spouse, conjugal or common-law partner and/or their dependent children

  • Sponsoring other eligible relatives, adopted children and parents or grandparents


Each process has different rules and potential challenges. It is important to complete the paperwork correctly and in a timely fashion. 


It is also important to remember that if you sponsor a relative, you are responsible for financially supporting that relative when he or she arrives in Canada for a certain number of years.

Federal Skilled Workers

Skilled workers are immigrant applicants who are selected by the government as permanent residents based on their ability to support themselves and their dependents while becoming economically established in Canada. They are chosen based on their education, experience, work history and abilities.


DG Barristers can explain the legal and administrative processes and guide you through the challenges specific to immigration. We will clarify the different eligibility requirements and help you complete all necessary paperwork.

Provincial Nominee Program

In much the same way as in the Federal Skilled Workers program, individuals who have the skills, education and work experience necessary to make an immediate positive impact on Canada's economy may immigrate under a Provincial Nominee Program.


To apply under a Provincial Nominee Program, applicants must be nominated by a Canadian province or territory. The criteria for these types of nominations vary from province to province.